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"Rising Sol Space has been a beacon of hope, safety, authentic connection & meaningful community for so many.  Facilitating in this gorgeous dome, as well as attending classes has made myself (as well as students) feel safe, accepted, nourished and seen.  Not only is the facility breathtaking & stocked with all the soul-soothing essentials, but being nestled amongst the sturdy woods makes it feel even more sacred and cozy than it already is. Thank you, thank you, thank you - the world needs more soothing spaces like these." - Heidi


"Whether I am participating in or facilitating in the dome, I have the overwhelming sense that all is well. All is well within me and all is well within the space and all is well within my community. Being surrounded by the forest and the creatures who live in the forest is really special.  Being able to hear the rush of creek right outside reminds you that you are alive.  The humans I have met inside of the dome...have felt family.  I super love and appreciate this space."


"I have had the pleasure of being a facilitator and an attendee to events at Rising Sol Space.  The beauty of the dome, how calm and peaceful it is as a sanctuary, nestled in the forest, away from the city, has made it ideal for my classes as well as attending womens circles and healing.  The experience is nothing short of magical, the energy is always high and communication with Danielle is easy.  I've truly felt welcomed and can easily resolve any 'issues', as any facilitator knows, it can be tricky finding a good space with good owners and having good communication about expectations.  Thank you, Danielle for creating Rising Sol Space and allowing others onto your beautiful land to share their gifts and talents.  I'm looking forward to continuing working with you at the dome. It is truly a safe, healing space you've created. So much love to you!"
- Cassandra


"I found the dome when life flipped upside down for me.  Within days of visiting the area, I was shown this beautiful, supportive community.  When I finally felt a strong push, I signed up for 3 events in one week and it changed my life.  I participated in a womens circles that was so nourishing and recalibrating, and exactly what I needed to start to move the energy from my body.  I also participated in a Reiki circle that allowed me to utilize all my training and build my confidence enough to build out my own offerings.  In the same week, I was lead to take classes in the dome, I was hosting sessions there too.  What a beautiful gift to heal and be healed in the same magical place. You can feel the support Danielle infuses into her space, oozing from everyone that shows up to visit it." - Hanna 

"Recently, I was able to experience the most magical afternoon at Rising Sol Space.  The Self Love Journey event had everything from circle sharing, to card pulling, journalling in the beautiful woods by the creek, filled with very vulnerable moments, but it all took place in such a safe space surrounded by like-minded women.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience - zero judgment & the ability to truly open up & just be in my feelings and express my emotions.  Scarlett and Danielle offered such a sacred & beautiful space." 


"Rising Sol came along when I needed it the most.  I had been doing a lot of work at home alone, which was helpful, but there's something about real life human connection that is so incredibly fulfilling.  I not only attend circles and retreats at the dome, but I have facilitated them as well and both have been beautiful experiences.  When I walk into that dome, I get to set my worries aside and focus on me. I get to go inward, to laugh, to cry, to heal and grow. I feel like I belong." - Scarlett


"This environment is magical! The sound from the creek has such a calming effect. I enjoyed every minute of being here and soaked up all the good energies that come from being in the woods!  It was pure bliss and a dream come true, I did not want to leave!" - Kira

"It was such a perfect itinerary. I can tell there was a lot of thought and intention behind each exercise.  I loved the cacao and forest journaling. I LOVED the breathwork, I'm addicted. The food was delicious too. A beautiful and special day." - Mel (private event)

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